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CAV filters

Lesson learned the hard way.

I changed out the Racors and duplex C.A.V. filters for the first time since purchasing Irish Lady. Not for cause, just hours. Pretty easy but something was wrong trying to bleed the system. The fuel pump was very hard to pump. Some fuel and bubbles would come out the bleed port and injection pump but it would eventually be bubble free. The engine would start then stop within 30 seconds. After several more similar bleed attempts failed I kept coming back to lack of significant fuel coming out the filter bleed port. Bottom line is that I installed the top gasket wrong. They give you three large gaskets with each filter element and no instructions. I placed one gasket on top of the element INSIDE the can edge like almost every spin-on filter I've ever changed. No leaks at all. Turns out that blocks the fuel flowpath through the element on the brand I carried. The largest diameter gasket goes IN the FILTER HEAD GROOVE!!! Problem solved. I'll post a picture of the wrong way tonight.
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