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Thanks again for all the help. I have ordered some Loctite 660 and an hoping it is going to be just the thing. I suspect it may have been put together with that in the first place. There was a tube of loctite that I thought was pipe dope in one of the bins of spare parts that came with the boat, but I now suspect it may be for this very shaft. I will work on it after the holidays.

The wear in the photos is from the brand new belt jumping off the tensioner when the pulley slipped, and being dragged through the side of the tensioner upside down.

The shaft this is going in is not the end of the crank shaft, it is a short shaft that is welded to a flange, which is bolted to the front of the tapered OEM pulley that runs the water pump and alternator. The only crumby part is you have to slide the outer pulley out a little bit to be able to loosen the flange bolts. This is hard if it is glued on there.
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