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Thank you all for the good advice. I like the theory that the pulley is heating up and expanding effectively loosening the set screws. I think I will try the lock tight, and new set screws first at it is cheaper, and somehow this existing set up has worked well for 25 years until I came along and started messing with it. I am confident that I didn't change the fit of it. It was rusty on the outside, and I media blasted it, but I was careful to tape off the machined surfaces so I didn't destroy them. They weren't really rusty and cleaned up quickly with a little solvent and scotch bright. It is probably a little looser than it should be, but there is no where near a beer can thickness of clearance. I would be surprised if I could get it on with a sheet of tin foil in there.
If that doesn't work I will pursue the tapered shaft option.
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