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You ask "whats going on". My guess is that when you cleaned all the rust off the parts you destroyed the fit of the sheeve on the shaft.
It should be a tight fit, like size for size or very slight interference, not clearance like it obviously is now.
Because there is clearance the sheeve will wobble on the shaft and the screws then work loose. They will do this regardless of what you do until you fix the fit. Correct fix is a new sheeve with bore size same as the shaft..... But you can try and measure the clearance ( between shaft & sheeve) with feeler gauges. If the clearance is too small to measure you might get away with it by using loctite on the shaft and inside the sheeve as you slide it on as suggested elsewhere. Do not get loctite in the screw holes and do not tighten the screws until the shaft loctite has cured. Then use loctite on the screws and get them as tight as you reasonably can.
It might work.
If there is a few thou clearance you might also be able to bodge it with a shim brass "liner" inside the bore of the sheeve plus the loctite in and out of the liner.
If you cant get shim brass try a beer can.

Might last you till you get a new sheeve, thats the correct fix.
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