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Originally Posted by Xsbank View Post
I would use some locktite 620 on the shaft, it is a special product for interference fits and I would also use some of the regular stuff on the set screws. Did you use a drift to get the sheave back on the shaft first? It needs to be TIGHT. I would say that Never-Seize is the wrong product for a shaft. I would also investigate a guard for those belts.

What does that motor on the bench drive?
That sounds like exactly the advice I need. I am not sure what " A drift to get the sheave back on the shaft first" means? The sheave slid right on. It didn't seem to have any play, but it was not super tight feeling either. If I use locktite 620 on the shaft will I ever be able to get it back off?

A few belt guards are definitely on the list of projects. For now I just turn off the engines if I need to get near them, as I don't want to have my arm ripped off, and bleed out, while my wife sits up above in the cabin not hearing a thing over the racket of the diesels. (I may have spent some time worrying about this scenario.)

The electric motor can be used to drive the aux shaft, to drive the fridge and freezer compressors when you are plugged into shore power.
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