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RE: Steadying Sail vs. Get Home Sail

We have a stead sail 17 ft by 14 ft or 196 square ft that we did try to sail with.* Long Newbie story.* The 58 ft did come with a forward mast, our was removed, but I know where the mast step and stays were.* I found very little effect when under way, in fact more of a negative than a positive, so I would use it only for anchoring to reduce the swing.
There is a 58 ft RW, Dorothy June, that larger mast and sails where added to increase the range and maybe a get home.* Just last week I talk to a rigger who was re rigging a sail boat behind us about increasing the stays of the mast in preparation of fish stabilizers and we did talk about adding sails.* The concern is the 58 was not built to hold full sails, and does not have the ballast.* The Dorothy June used the fish stabilizer with full sails up, so if bigger sails where going to be added, fish stabilizers would be required at a cost of about $30,000.00.*
So I will not be adding sails but instead use the 30,000 to improve the get home methods already in place on the Eagle as it does have a get home using the Gen set to power the prop, and/or the forward thrust of our bow thruster.* However, the gen set motor needs to be twice the HP.* ***
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