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I would concur with C lectic. Definitely do it immediately, even if it takes a bit of hassle. I always service the engine/gearbox at the end of the cruising season so there's clean oil in the whole of the system over the winter.
For the non mechanically minded the reason is that during the engine 'warm up' period it produces tiny amounts of sulphuric acid (more so in a gas/petrol) engine which becomes present in the lubricating oil. On a working truck for example regular servicing flushes this out but on a boat lying up over winter the acidic oil can cause damage to the interior working parts.
For example a petrol/gas engine exhaust system will need changed every couple of years because of this corrosion.
If you're as tough as Tonka toys you can, at the end of the season, dip a little used oil on the end of your finger and taste it, you can taste the 'sharpness',now dip the finger in fresh oil and taste the difference.
Before the health and safety brigade roar into action I'm talking a minute amount, just sufficient to taste.
By the same token keep antifreeze in your system, even if you live in Florida, South of France or Sydney. Anti-freeze contains lubricants for your water pump and anti corrosives to protect the cylinder walls and waterways and prevent build up of internal rust. Flush the system once every 3 years with radiator cleaner to maintain in top condition. The reason ? it keeps the system clean and aids heat transfer by radiation from the cylinder walls for efficient cooling.
Forgive the lecture but if it helps someone, somewhere, on TF then I've achieved my purpose.
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