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Originally Posted by sdowney717 View Post
Yes, except I was told by BandB I would be ticketed by the police if they knew I scraped oysters off the boat, So then I am asking VMRC about that. I mean would you just leave such a comment that what you did was a violation of the law unchallenged?

See I have actually gotten several responses from about 3 persons on this board about various things I did on other threads they told me was a violation of the law. Which I don't take kindly too.
And so I prove them wrong. Let's set the record straight! People have terrible attitudes here. I don't understand it myself.
I think it's because you look guilty. And/or you have a guilty conscience. What with all your illegal oyster growing and scraping. And God knows what else you're involved in.

Of course you might just be paranoid.

"It is just so blatantly obvious to me what is going on."
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