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Phil Fill
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We moored at the south end of the lake where the afloat is. Luckly we did not have to move as most live aboards where at the end, but open to the public. So we became part of the show as people would wander to the end. The eagle and we where some what known. Many times people would board and wander thru the boat, so we had coffee, cider and finger foods. Being the afloat is the end of January to was cold, wet with occasionally snow, so people where always looking for a warm dry place. each year people would offer want to buy the boat as there are very few old classic boat that is long range, 2000+ miles and live aboard ready.

We moved of the lake because if the Slut, and the south end developments. It lost is charm and became very expensive, and congested. Enjoyable will it lasted. We were moored on the ocean Alexander dock. Any way the boat and afloat were well worth it. Good time of the year to see how boats feel, sound in the dead of winter. Most 40+ boats will have diesel heating in the pnw.
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