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RE: Setting anchor with the windlass question

All this sounds great for a light winds or less ** ....and only if that's what happens. I'd want to secure the rode for over 1000lbs pull and set the anchor semi hard (1/2 max rpm in reverse) at 4-1 scope or more, then adjust scope for the anchorage and conditions. To be really safe you'd rig for 80 knot winds every time and even that would be insufficient at some point. It's like going or not going on the weather forecast. Everyone's got a different line in the sand. If the forecast is for light and variable do we still set the drift alarm on the GPS? and after we shut down do we always close the seacock? Some folks just dump a bunch of ground tackle in the water, shut off the engine and head for the beer. Some people check the weather forecast 4 times a night and avoid the beer altogether. I'm in between and so are you*** ....but where?
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