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RE: Setting anchor with the windlass question

Egregious wrote:
I let the windlass take the whole load while setting once in a stiff wind and the chain ended up jumping the gypsy.* What I like to do normally is pay out the amount of chain* for the scope I think appropriate and then tie the snub off short to take the load.* If we set then I lengthen the snub and increase the bight of slack between the chain hook and the bow roller so that the chain is hanging down into the water.
*for the most part I concur.. unless your windless is REALLY big and the windless load is spread out and well backed it isnt a great idea to load up the windless too much. On Volunteer I would set the hook with the right amount of scope, back down easily on the anchor and let it hang in gear for about a minute.. if all went well ( and even with a Bruce it almost always did ) I would then run out the snubber as mentioned above.. then crack the prerequisite beer!

Happy Anchoring


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