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RE: What kind of boat???

yes we are in Florida. Near Pensacola, over in the panhandle. Home to the oil spill etc. Got rid of my boats last year but things looking up so my son-in-law and I decided to give it another try. This time not just a fishing boat but one for the family, kids, grandkids and in my case great grandkids. We had been looking at Bayliners, but gave up on those and after seeing the Californian LRC knew that was the type of boat for us, but needed one with the 210HP of the Cat or 200 of the Perkins. Looked at two so far but they were pretty ratty. Nearby broker said he had a Californian Convertible so that is where we are now. Will extend the bow rail aft some and probably put in a hand rail beneath the windows for the little ones to hang on, but other wise like it better than the 34LRC since more room in salon. The 38LRC would be a strong consideration if we could find one in the lower SE USA at a half-way decent price. Don't mind the extra fuel cost to ensure when headed to the fishing area it wouldn't take all day.
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