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We got a phone call Saturday morning that the boat behind us had backed into our boat.* The report was "there is a scrape at the back and something fell off".*

The swim step edge*has a crunched spot and*one of the old*weaver dinghy davit bits was knocked askew--three of the bolt heads sheared off.* We don't have the Weaver system, they were an artifact from a prior owner and they were too bent to be usuable.* We'll see if we can get the other one removed as well and all the holes filled in as part of the insurance claim.

So the guy behind us was backing his 38 foot sailboat out of his slip and as he was shifting into neutral the gear lever came off in his hand.* At that point he was backing towards the rocks on the berm and was trying to spin it around to be aiming out the fairway but only made it to where he was aiming towards us.* He jumped off the back of the boat to fend off and went through the board next to the cement piling.* That left him knee deep in water, stuck at the upper thighs in the hole where the board has been.* When we spoke to him later Saturday he said he was ok and not in pain.* I am not 100% clear on whether he was in reverse or neutral when he hit us and at what point he turned off the motor, but it sounded like he ended*up standing on the dock holding his boat at the back of our slip until the marina staff brought their whaler over and put him back in his slip.*

A boat hook might have helped with fending off but he did not have one handy.* His wife was on board but wasn't able to do much but watch helplessly.*

If anyone had any thoughts on*what they'd have done in a similar situation it*might make an interesting discussion.* His boat is a 2000 Catalina 380 that looks to be well maintained.* He uses it frequently.
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