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Originally Posted by cappy208 View Post
Sending unit failing, clogging up. Thus the other suggestion of using a separate gauge to confirm the issue. The other telltale alarm is 'the new instrument' panel. Sounds like a whole lot of wire disconnections, and reconnections to chase.
The problem started to manifest itself before the instrument change. When the new panel and instruments were installed, the readings on the new oil gage was identical to the old gage at the time of the swap-out. Most of the wiring was simple daisy chain stuff and verified along the way. There were only about a dozen sending wires total, maybe less. They were carefully labeled and also verified by color code on the schematic. Also most of the readings were either dead on or close the the old gage readings. The only readings that were different the fuel tank readings and the battery readings. The battery readings are similar as to what my multi-meter reads and the fuel tanks, I dont really care about. I use a dipstick. And now, my tachs are steady and not wandering all over the place
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