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Originally Posted by RT Firefly View Post
other than a gauge malfunction, what could be causing this?
Sending unit failing, clogging up. Thus the other suggestion of using a separate gauge to confirm the issue. The other telltale alarm is 'the new instrument' panel. Sounds like a whole lot of wire disconnections, and reconnections to chase.

Disconnect the gauge and reconnect it directly using short wires along side the engine. that way you eliminate the wiring, and other issues of the 'new panel' installation. If it doesn't clear up, swap gauges. see if the problem follows the gauge.
If that doesn't help then find a 0-80 pressure gauge and hook it up directly to the oil pressure sender plug. This way you completely bypass the oil pressure sender, wires and existing gauges.

There are actually oil pressure filters that screw into the hole, then the oil pressure senders screw into them. The gunk in oil can clog up the sending units over time mimicking what you are describing. Make sure the issue isn't a 'false' reading, before it is a failure of oil pump issue.

Change the oil filter first. They have an oil pressure bypass shunt. Do cheap stuff first.
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