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Originally Posted by twistedtree View Post
Speaking of sound system, has anyone found a descent compact sub woofer? I have two 5" speakers in the pilot house that are good, but weak on base. I think a sub woofer would be a great improvement, but most are just too darn big. Or have really bad reviews like Pyle Audio.
How about just getting two new bigger better speakers that have good Bass response. JL makes and 8.5 inch two way speaker. I have 2 on my flybridge AND a 12 inch sub....way overkill. Anyway, excellent speakers. They also make a 7 inch and a 5.5. If you are looking for good sound without a sub, those 8.5s would do the trick. Otherwise I think JL makes a 10 inch sub.

You will see me pimp JL on here a lot. There is positively absolutely no better marine audio ANYWHERE!!! will pay for it. It is all a matter of how good do you want it to sound and how long do you want it to last. My last boat I had for almost 7 years. I installed a JL system when I bought it. That system was the subject of severe punishment by me and a bunch of wiggling gyrating girls. It lived outside in the elements uncovered for 8 months of the year. And it sounded as good the day I sold the boat as it did when it was brand new. What did I do when I bought my current boat....yep, JL all the way around.

Now I do use a Fusion 700 head unit. I don't even think JL makes head units....that is not their market. Their market is SOUND!!!
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