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History from Mr Charles Baudouin is from 1902 he doing casting and in 1918 he create Moteur Bauduin and build marine engine.
he started with 5HP gas engine with gear box for pleasure boat.
1921 7HP gas engine
1922 all gas engine from 3HP to 60HP
1929 first diesel engine
1930 new diesel from 25 to 90HP DB series
1940 DK series from 40 to 150HP
1957 DV series V4 V6 V8 V12 from 200HP to 900HP with variable pitch
1963 DP series 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 strait en V8 V12 natural en turbo 11450 DP engine sold for 5,4 million of HP report say all most all of those engine still working at this days
1970 DF series V4 V6 V12 for fast boat
1987 VTI series 300HP to 1400HP
1991 M26 series V6 V8 V12 from 225 to 900HP at 1800RPM 70% was sold to export market
2009 Weichal Power (chinese company) bought Baudouin

in US the only distributor in Moror Service Hugo Stamp Inc

Baudouin have solid reputation on working boat especially on professional fishing boat, was indestructible engine.

They made also lot of marine en ground generator and tank engine...

Those day we don't hear about Baudouin

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