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Baudouin marine diesel engines

Recently trade publications have been reporting on New York City's new fleet of high-speed catamaran ferries under construction in Louisiana (at the Horizon and MetalShark yards). The engines chosen are Baudouin 6M26.3s - six cylinders, 815 hp at 2100 rpm. This, after a reportedly rigorous competitive search across the Caterpillar, Cummins, MAN product lines and others. Advantages: high power-to-weight, reliability, serviceability, and low emissions.

I'm surprised, and curious. Have others heard of this French manufacturer? I had not, but maybe that just shows how provincial I am down here in Jacksonville, Florida. The company makes nothing but marine propulsion engines and gensets. They power a lot of workboats.

A search for the name on BoatDiesel turns up only three posts.

Baudouin's lineup starts with the 6 W105M, a six-cylinder turbo-ed engine weighing about 1780#, rated at 185 hp. If their products are as magical as NYC's Citywide Ferry Service seems to think they are, I wonder if they're worth considering for a repower. Parts and service are question marks, of course. The U.S. importer and service vendor is Hugo Stamp, HQ-ed in Ft. Lauderdale, with locations on both coasts and the Gulf of Mexico.

Or maybe NYC Citywide Ferry is making a boneheaded purchase that they'll live to regret.
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