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RE: Comfort vs fear

If the weather is not forecast to be "good" I'm not going out. Now, once in a while NOAA will slip up when I've been out there and "caught" I'm thinking "what am I doing out here shoulda stayed in" but it is too late so endure it. (Like John P, times 2 as far as the admiral is concerned) I have no problem waiting who ever ran out of things to do on a boat.
"good" for me is 10-15 or less and 2'-3' or less.
I know, I know, in some places one would never leave the dock with those parameters, good for those who do.
Where I live I can get in plenty of boating done in the weather I choose.
The winds have a way of fooling people, often I'll think or hear people say it must be blowing 20-25k , I check it on the annemometer its usually about 12, maybe less.
Good crusin', and weather, to all!
Steve W
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