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RE: Comfort vs fear

Well ofthenorth, If you go across Georgia Strait you be sett'in yourself (and your guests) up for getting stuck on the east side. Some of the worst seas I've had to deal with were on Georgia Strait.

When I was in Puget Sound my cut off point was 30knots in the forecast. So I'd go forth in a 25knot forecast most anywhere. And then I had a 25' Albin. But Cary brings things into focus w some of the variables. If you need to go into Rosairio Strait on an ebb spring tide in 20knot south winds you're going to wish you had'nt. Many variables to account for. In the larger inland bodies of water in SE Alaska any forecast over 15knots is a red flag. But if the trip was important and if I was northbound in a 25 knot SSE forecast with neep tides flowing north and that weather was moderating I'd go. Each one of those variables is important. And w the above forecast I would most likely be, at some point in beam seas of about 6'. That would be uncomfortable and a good skipper knows his (or her) boat well and knows the line between uncomfortable and dangerous. I've been uncomfortable only once on Willy and I've been w Willy in seas 6 or 7 times that were the same height or bigger. And the discomfort happened fast. Sometimes one just needs to be there and feel the boat under them to know if all will have a safe outcome. The more you learn about weather, the sea and your boat the safer you will be. However you may become more conservative after a number of scary experiences.
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