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RE: Comfort vs fear

When crossing the Gulf of Alaska from Prince William Sound to Icy Straits the entire run is about 55 hours non stop in our boat. The weather that we look for would be about a 15 knot wind and maybe 5 foot seas. We always start in favorable conditions with a three day favorable forecast, but the seas alway kick up in the afternoons or for that matter at any time. This is a very serious crossing in any conditions! When we travel in open water like that, the paravanes are deployed at all times. Normally the boat gently rolls to about 8 deg. But one night while rounding Cape St. Elias off of Kayak Is. I was on the O'dark thirthy watch. The seas really kicked up as did the wind. The boat was rolling to about 20+ deg and a bit of water over the bow. I could see that the wind was about 45 knots but lucky for me I really couldn't see the water due to darkness. When my wife awoke at about daylight, several hours after her watch should have started she greeted me with a pleasent hello. Not knowing what I had been dealing with for several hours, she was ready to take the wheel as soon as she had had some coffee. We were a little beyound our comfort zone, and she never even knew it.

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