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RE: Comfort vs fear

sunchaser wrote:

Being*an experienced Alaska veteran I'm sure you have a good answer for your boat and experience that would be very different than mine. Tides, current direction, winds and improving/ deteriorating conditions all play into the answer. A 15 foot long period swell is very different than a 5 foot short period wave.

Last summer when crossing Dixon entrance in our DeFever 48, we waited out a 35 knot gale with 2 - 3 meter seas but finally crossed in 25 knot winds and 1-2 meter following seas. Beam seas are nicely counteracted on our vessel by active stabilizers.

Last but not least, hull design and boat size enter into the answer. A 40' Nordhavn would be much more seaworthy than a 40' Bayliner. Likewise a 45' Beneteau sail boat would be better than a 60' Hampton. Did I mention crew experience?
*A lot of my thoughts go for the people that will be going with me.

Like you said experience will carry me a lot further than those going with me who say this is my first time. Where*I do most of my boating we don't get the swells. If it's bad we get 5' or 6' wind blown chop. Most of the time a 15 knt wind will give a 3' sea. The Glaciers seem to have there own climate. if you pass in front of them.

As to crew experience that is usually non existing. I really have to play captain and tell everyone just exactly what to do. If I am going solo I just take what ever is coming and deal with it.

It is the passangers that keep me in port. I can stand at the helm in 6' waves no problem.** Everyone else is white nuckles or chumming.

I guess I was just wondering how many others are restrained by those that boat with them.



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