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Typically the standard 6bt injectors have about a 1200 service life, they may run after that but performance may be degraded and producing a little sheen etc.

This is a copy of part of a post I did about a year ago talking about the boat I run with the 6bt's, my engines have 14,000 hrs each:

Cummins factory reps did this install back in mid 90's, we were a test bed for the factory at the time, (don't ask, long story). Initially they were hoping for 1500 hrs, but by 1200 you could begin to see a sheen from the exhaust, and that became the standard.

Remember, the 6bt is basically Chrysler a truck engine.
1800 RPM = 60 MPH
60 MPH x 1200 hrs = 72,000 mi if in your truck

My engines @ 14,000 hrs x 60 MPH = 840,000 mi
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