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City: Malmö
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Vessel Name: Cumulus II
Vessel Model: Swift Trawler 34
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Trawler dreamer with a twist...

New user here... Introduce yerself to be accepted by the community as the rules of society dictates...


One of these "dreamers" that wanted to travel the worlds aboard a heavy Nordhavn... But of course without the economical means to even buy a rubber dinghy... Spent last ten years googling, trolling forums, gazing youtube videos etc on the subject.

Then recently by the grace of the lord (and some hard work as well i must add) i really got the means to buy that N55... However during that time i also built a family and have a boy with special needs, so being offshore for longer times do not work as well as the fantasy dictated.

However, i just this weekend found a very fresh example of my "second choice", the Swift Trawler 34. Signed the papers and had time for just one short day-trip, then the first snowflakes fell (i live in Scandinavia).

So now the "dream" is on shore for the winter, and i am brushing up my captain-skills! Expect a lot of stupid questions from this not so salty dog that may or may not have any connection to real seamanship.
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