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They pop out pretty easy, just be careful with the small banjo fittings on the return lines. I made up a tool with an old nut that screws on to the fuel supply fitting and a slide hammer to pop them out. Conical wire brush in a drill to clean the paint and carbon from the hole. Crank the engine a few revs to blow out the cyl. Thin coat of hi temp anti sieze and all new copper seals on install, again being REAL careful on the return banjo's, seating the new horseshoe copper seals. I leave the fuel lines loose and crank a bit to prime, gets a little messy, have a few diapers handy. Just as she's about to fire tighten every thing up, Spray 9 and rinse to clean up any residual fuel so nothing around what will be a hot manifold, then let her rip, tater chip, lol.
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