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Hi FlyWright, Hi Edelweiss,

FlyWright: With what it cost me for a turbo rebuild a a new turbo, I wish mine were NAs. But, they are turbos. I hearsay that also contributes a bit toward the unburned fuel at idle.

Your experience with the injector rebuilds saddens me. The guy at the injector shop had me convinced that there are new nozzles that get a better pattern and that I'd see less smoke, even if there is nothing wrong with the old ones. Like I said, I'm going to hedge my bets and do one engine first and see how it goes. The Perkins specialist mechanic who did all of the initial work (Martin Ball) told me the injectors are fine and it is just characteristic of the older engines and nothing to think twice about. He recommended against doing the injectors. Guess we'll see! I feel like I should try.

Edelweiss: Thanks for the report. My engines start up instantly, so I feel like their compression is okay? If it doesn't turn out to be the injectors, I'm probably going to bet on the 10 year old fuel that is still in the mix (added a ton of cleaner) and/or just characteristic of the engines. I feel like the boat is flying at 14+ kn/hr and starting right away, so I just don't feel like they are losing much power. It just gives me the idea that it is just a hair too much fuel rather than too little compression?


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