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Teak Plywood De laminating?

Larry,* Somewhere along the line water leaking in has caused this issue.* If the area is not leaking now you are lucky someone has fixed the leak.* Another possibility is over the years the boat has been left uncovered over the Winter and ice and snow had built up on the decks.* I don't think I am being clear so lets say the snow was higher then the window bottoms and froze, followed by rain.

See image--If rain fell on this frozen snow-I would have had a mess.


*It would be hard for any boat to be water tight in this case.* So a boat that was dry all Summer could develop water damage over the Winter.

Covering, Inside storage, or removing snow can prevent this.

Removing and replacing the panels is a big job, that could become overwhelming.

If the looks of it are preventing you from enjoying the boat, then covering it is probably the way to go.

The easy way would be some kind of carpet glued and stapled like the lining on a modern cabin cruiser.

If the boat is still leaking and the covering fails you know you have some tough work ahead,* otherwise it is out of sight out of mind.

Good Luck.** JohnP

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