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Bestway trawlers are a bit harder to resale I heard. This because of the fact they are a bit more uncommon. Now personally I've never cared for resale value because I rather have a boat that I like then one that does not 'push my buttons' but keeps it value.

Typical problems may include:
Teakdecks, blisters on the hull, leaky windows, water intrusion and/or feul tanks.

Reviews, especially for boats, are not always a good indicator, everyone expects different thing of his/her boat. When one's buying a 12 ft fishing dinghy for use on the ocean in bad weather it will obviously get a bad review from this particular person.

I've owned various fiberglass boats, both with Balsa and Foam coured hulls, both with mostly good and bad reviews. Some needed a few days worth of work, some I spend months or even years on. Most of the boats I've owned were older than 40 years. Like Talonewo said important is how the previous owners maintained and cared for her.

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