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Most of these recommendations are accurate and the cautiionary advice is good.
"Unless I could find someone willing to let me "tag along" with a heavy load that was going to be processed. Good luck with that."
We offer this service when we take our newly manufacturerd anchors to get galvanized the first time. Any of our customers who can get me their anchor or chain can tag on to our galvanizing order. Because of the significant total weight, we pass on the savings to the customer. It really is cost prohibitive if you are a customer with one item. Good, reputable galvanizing shops do this all the time and the results are excellent. Good shops use a combination of steps to clean, remove rust, and prepare the product for hot dipped galvanizing. Good companies will also tell you when the chain is not worth re-galvanized. Good companies also are very effective in vibrating/shaking the chain while drying and not having a pile or lump of galvanized chain.
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