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I really love those times but I kinda feel guilty that I do! When I go it alone, I catch so much crap from from friends and family! Not overly concerned with the safety part but I'm not stupid (sh_t happens, but it can happen anywhere). Just frustrated others aren't so eager to share these incredible experiences we have on the water. Go figure! Just venting this makes me feel better already.


Nash..... I just bought a boat 54 ft Seahorse Trawler. I have had one friend in four that showed up after planning about a year. Each one was going to crew three to four weeks at different stops starting on the NWP coast thru Panama back up to the Gulf Coast. Only one ever showed and he didn't get to crew because I had a little wreck and his time was used up in the shop getting her all fixed up again. Other three actually became irritated when I mentioned it was there time to show that I didn't understand how they just couldn't stop what they're doing to go play on my boat...That one still befuddles me to the point I throw it in there faces whenever they start talking about traveling and dream journeys again. These guys are old friends we where raised in the same town schools and dated the same girls. So hell is exactly what I give them. At the Marinas I get asked where's your wife......(married 34 years now) she's at home with her dogs and cats and horses and flower beds and garden and adult children and her mother and her sister and dream home .... The Point is, she has roots deep roots and she loves her life and her stuff and me I do her. One of the reasons our marriage has lasted, because we don't have to be with each other 24/7 or even weeks or months now. Younger I couldn't stand to be gone to long and she felt the same. We also dealt with you don't still love me if you can love being gone that long!....... Horseshit.......I find my desire and things I took for granted and my attitude have been corrected for the better when I get back.
The old stereotypes such as Bband has verbaged already is the hardest to explain. Every port and every dock and Marina where is your wife and family how come they don't want to be with you or you with them is what they want to ask. I must be heading for divorce looking for a younger women to be my mistress or runnng from a self inflected stress nightmare. Nope it's dream Ive always had like many others when I was but a wee lad. I said self, when I can afford it and I still have a heathy mind and body before I die I want to experience cool shit? Yep that's it Why not. Why would you give up on them so easily because you can't convince your inner circle that it's they're dream too. What you and myself need to do is start a Alfalfa and Spanky solo sailers club and then we want have to do it alone..... I love my boat alone or sharing it but would love to sail with others and their boats to cool places for fun safety. I like people and have found the cruising crowd to be full of wonderful and colorful people, love to party ....listen to music.....laugh ......people watch.... I just love listening to young men and women starting their life's dreams and I love sharing some wisdom to. I believe I can manage to do it all, at least I'm going to try. Bring that boat over here we can start here and then sail back over to there one summer at a time till it's done. Catching any other Solos out there along the way..... Cowboy up let's go!
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