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I know of others in your situation.

Do you have another boat in Nashville? If not, why don't you have this one there? Would be a great trip to get there and then so much cruising from there, with that being where you do have friends to join you?

Now, one friend I have in South Florida with the issue you have decided to charter his boat. He is licensed, but even with a 6 Pack you could do so. Be selective, but take people on day trips or on weekend trips. I thought he was crazy doing it, but appears to be working for him.

Talk to MPT and perhaps as they have people taking courses and needing some sea time, they could recommend some relatively inexperienced but willing paid crew. Even visit some crew houses. A lot of crew in them interested in day work and short cruises.

College kids may be an option for weekends and school breaks. There are enough tourists as well, that I'm sure there are some who would like to get out on the water for a few days.

Talk to your friends who have boats about taking trips together on yours and then on theirs.
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