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If your engine elevation requires a vented loop, there are two ways to install them: with a continuous vent and with a check valve. Most sailboats have a check valve which if clean and working right doesn't let any sea water out, jut air in.

But yours is a continuous vent. The fitting at the top of the loop doesn't have a check valve in it. So when the engine rpm gets above 1,000 it generates enough flow to fill the loop and sea water flows from the vent.

Usually these vents are routed overboard. I didn't quite understand where yours was routed and why you rerouted it. I also wonder about the prop shaft gland flush water. Is this coming from the vent or the main flow path. It would be better if it were from the main path so it could get water at low rpms.

So, in summary the system sounds like it is operating as designed as others have noted. The "crunch" inside the hoses is a little disconcerting. Pull it off and look inside, it may be fouled with scale or the reinforcing wires may be corroded. Replace it.

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