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Perplexed, help needed

This is a topic that I posted once before concerning salt water exiting an overflow vent only when the engine is running at 1000 RPM or above. This issue has remained unresolved, however I now have more information. The salt water flows to the overflow vent through 5/8" clear reinforced tubing. This tube at its origin is connected to the vent fitting on the top of a vented loop. There are two hoses attached to the vented loop. One hose comes from the outflow side of the transmission oil cooler through which salt water flows to the vented loop and the other hose carries that salt water to a fitting on the exhaust elbow. There is another hose which carries salt water from this common exhaust fitting to the shaft seal. The engine does not overheat and the flow of water from the vent is not damaging. We have owned the boat 6 years and this became an issue last year. I am concerned that this could lead to a more serious problem of some sort. It would seem that water is backing up in the vented loop causing pressure which is venting the water through the overflow. Also, when I squeezed the hoses going to/from the vented loop the hose coming from the transmission oil cooler had a slight crunch to it close to its origin. I have no idea if that is significant. Please share your ideas as they are always much appreciated.
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