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Originally Posted by Roger Long View Post
Only three things cause the oil level to rise:

1) Diesel oil leaking into the crankcase.
2) Coolant or RW leaking into the crankcase (usually a head gasket problem)
3) The lube oil fairy adding oil in the middle of the night.

Suggest first sticking a plastic tube down the dipstick or cracking the drain plug to see if there is any water in the bottom of the sump. It will sit there and everything will be fine until it gets deep enough to get sucked into the oil pump and then....
There is a 4th possibility, at least in some cases. The transmission, which runs at a much higher pressure than crankcase pressures, may be forcing trans oil past the rear main seal and into the crankcase.

So, check your trans oil level -- if it is correspondingly down, you will have a pretty good clue.
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