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Not familiar with the GB set-up but it sounds very similar to that on our Selene, except that had 2 side guy wires and a forward guy. In that situation we simply loosened and disconnected the forward guy while somebody supported the mast in the upright position. Supporting was easy because all load was still on the deck plate. Next step was to lower the hinged mast onto a support (stool or 2x4, etc) so that it did not hit anything else on the deck (eg dinghy). This was the harder part because the mast with dinghy hoists, radar etc was pretty heavy. It was a 2-(strong)man job at least. The two side guys were left in place.
With the GB set-up, I would guess that you would need to release the two forward guys to accomplish the same, and may be able to leave the two rear guys in place , though they may get in the way underway.
By the way the reverse process also needed a couple of strong men to lift the mast vertical. Perhaps your mast is lighter.
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