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i got rid of 2 500 racors [switched when dirty] 25 years ago, and installed a single 'gulf coast fuel filter', it uses a 6" bounty paper towell that filters down to 1/1.5 microns, and another for oil. nothing gets thru the fuel filter, and the same with the oil filter! have sent oil samples in, and the oil is very clean! the normal screw-on oil filters, filter at about 28/30 microns...most of the damage/wear is caused when the silicon/dirt particles get to 5 microns! i also have a 'frantz' toilet paper oil filter on my 92 dodge/cummins with 140,xxx miles on it. i use scott 1000 paper, and change the roll at about 2500 +/- and change the oil at about 15,000 miles! also sent samples in, the 1st couple of times. check 'gulf coast oil' and 'we filter it' for the frantz. i have used the frantz oil filters since the early 60`s...never a problem!...any questions, drop me a old timer once told me, if you put some oil from the dipstick, on your finger, and rub it into your palm, if it goes into your skin, and pretty much disapears, it`s ok. if it leaves a black stain on the skin, it`s dirty!! i don`t live by it, but i do check it once in a while, just to see!...clyde
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