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I'm going down to pull the lines up tight but my only somewhat serious concern is the roof over the covered moorage. I was planing to move Willy out to open moorage just before high winds (now) but I still haven't got my new exhaust hose so Willy isn't operative. I cut the old hose off w a hack saw so I'm just going to hope the roof is OK.

Re you guys imply'in we're wimps out here I'll gladly be a wimp where damage to boats, docks, roads and our houses are unlikely. I've lived in Alaska numerous times and am glad to leave that part of Alaska where it is. But storms down here in western WA are more troublesome than the Alaska weather. So many cars, traffic and infastructure down here that it kinda gets all tangled up and turns into a mess w/o that much wind, snow or whatever.

Also in Thorne Bay there was an emergency generator that automatically started up and went on line so w a power outage all we experienced was a little flicker. We've had power outages down here that lasted days. Never that in Alaska. So I want to get back home before the wind gets serious. But I'm really glad I won't be faced w 100mph winds. More like half that will happen in the sound but out on the coast it may be close to 100mph.

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