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Originally Posted by CPseudonym View Post

More often than not the agent that represents himself turns out to have a fool for a client. Some can pull it off quite well but they tend to be the exception rather than the norm.

For the record one of the brokers I mentioned upthread that has my respect has no problem selling clients $5,000 boats for the normal 10% commission. As he said, string together enough of them and you can still have a decent month. Better than a big goose egg.
The small boats are what feed the family while they wait for the big sale.

For those who have such a disdain for brokers and have shown it here, so much that many here would not want them as a client, I give this warning. Your opinion of brokers is a self fulfilling prophecy. You go in with that attitude and none of them will want to deal with you, and don't think for one moment you're masking it. Now, the only one you can change is yourself so I'd suggest thinking long and hard about how to work more pleasantly and effectively with brokers. The best way is still working with only one so you don't have to deal with those you don't like. You're choosing to punish them and yourself by sticking to your current methods of contacting selling broker after selling broker for years. The system isn't going to change.
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