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RE: Float Plans...

We file a float plan with at least one NON-stranger (usually my dad and maybe my sister) we also file one with the dockmaster at our home port. If that's a "security risk" it sure beats me how. Everyone in our marina knows we are not in our home. Everyone we meet along the way knows we are not at home and to be honest, the only time we have ever been a crime victim, we were on our boat when it got robbed!

From Day 1, we have read in every manual and in every boating safety brochure to file a float plan so people know where you will be or where to expect you. If we anchor out or do something off the beaten path, we'll tell someone OR it will be on the float plan that we may improvise. The float plan has more than just the 'when and where' of our trip. It has the radio MMSI number, the boat document number, the dog's name, whether we have a dinghy, what provisions we have, a description of the boat, and TONS of other details that will fill a LOT of holes and answer many of the questions that search parties or authorities may have if we go missing.

It's my opinion that there is no compelling reason not to fill out one for week-long, or weekend, trips. As I have been told here more than once: There are some things that you should do because you should never skimp on safety. Always with the premise that it's some form of "cheap insurance". Well, this is one of those things that's not only cheap, but FREE!
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