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Originally Posted by ksanders View Post

I'm going to have to disagree with you regarding the "value" of a boat that's been listed for a long time.

The only thing that makes an old listing into a real bargain is the potential to get it for a much lower than the listing price. If it were a great bargain, someone would've bought it. Do you think you're the only guy looking at yacht world every day? There are hundreds or thousands of guys out there looking at yacht world every day trying to find a bargain gen. When they come up on the market, someone buys them right away.

What's left, are boats that represent a fair value for what you're getting. Not bargains, but a fair value for what you're buying. Some are of course overpriced for what you're getting. But my opinion is there are not boats out there that of been listed for a while that are undervalued. If they were undervalued some smart guy would buy them and resell them at their actual value pocketing the profits.
This notion that if it's a good idea than someone else would have done it is absurd. That would rule out every advancement and invention, ever.
There was a CHB 34 posted on this forum for sale in Seattle two years ago. Boathouse kept, never used and had 25+- hours on the engine. It was on the market a few months before I learned of it. Went out there and inspected the boat and it was in fact a pristine, never used all original 34. Bought her, spent a week decorating her and adding a few items and sold her in two months for over three times what I paid. Her owner is thrilled with his "perfect" boat.

There are bargins all over YW that have sat for years. Often it is a matter of a very small market for a particular boat, a difficult viewing location or owner clutter or poor housekeeping that is hiding the great boat that lies underneath.
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