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You are correct, the 375 or 389 does not make any difference. But 300 and 1200 does, if you are in search for LRC.
In my case, the issue was not the capacity, but what was it made of. Many of the members say here, replace the tanks on an old boat to something else than old iron. If the replacement cost you 25K because of the size of the tanks, it does matter on a boat listed for 120K. If the same boat needs a new set of props for 12K, also makes the difference.
Yes, the broker will not and cannot know everything and all the info comes from the seller. I agree. But to post few photos of the ER, any broker can and should do. It is nice to see boat being beautiful inside the living quarters. But the soul of the boat is the ER and the hull, in my opinion. If I could see the photos of the ER, I would not bother the broker, at all. We could both benefited from it. His time and my trip was wasted. Some brokers take the effort and show the bilge, engine mounts, ER completely, hidden hull sections, stains from water damage, etc. Unfortunately, not all.
So, no, I don't expect a broker to know all the nicknecks of a boat down to the screws diameter, but wasting my time and his time, could have been avoided.
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