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you guys still just don't get it with your questions to the brokers. Think about it like this probably everything the broker knows about a certain boat is in the listing.

The only other thing the brokers going to know about the boat is this general impression of it as he did a walk-through. He might know something about the owner or the boats history, but the specific stuff like whether the generator has 1000 or 1025 hours on it he doesn't know and it really doesn't matter anyway to someone who's really going to buy a boat. Seriously do you really care whether the fuel tanks have 375 gallons or 389 gallons each capacity? We both know that is not going to affect your decision to buy the boat.

So you've got 100 grand to spend on a boat. That's a lot of money. You've obviously made some good decisions in life. You saved hard and have done pretty well. The problem is in the world of cruiser size boat boats a hundred thousand dollars is not a lot of money, I'm sorry but it's actually a really small amount of money if you're looking at boats in the 40 to 50 foot range. You can believe me when I tell you how surprised I was and how much big boats really cost.

Then the other issue you have to look at it when you're on your world and you see a listing with very little information especially in older boat the boat is probably a dog. The simple fact is that when an owner comes in the list his boat if it's a nice boat it's been well-maintained the guys gonna have all kinds information to give to the broker. It's the POS boats were a guy or his widow or state comes in with very little information.

Also when you look at listings, the only and I'm gonna repeat that the only real bargains out there are brand-new listings. If the boat has been listed for a while especially a lower price boat there's a reason it has not sold.
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