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B&B your post above is dead on.

If I were to enter the market for a new boat... And if I were calling a broker I do not already know...

The first part of the conversation would be to qualify myself as a buyer. What I was looking for, what my intentions are, and how I would intend to pay for it.


I would ask about the example he had listed, but it would not be specific questions. I would ask the broker to tell me their impressions about the boat. Then I would ask the broker to tell me about anything that would make me unhappy when I saw the boat in person.

Then, if I liked what I heard, I would ask what his schedule looked like for an appointment on a specific day, so we could look over the boat.

My impression of many buyers of 30-60' boats, especially lower price point examples is that they do allot of internet searching, allot of calling, but don't do allot of in person looking at boats. When they do they are invariably disappointed.
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