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Establish a relationship. That's the key to business. Relationships you build. You don't build one by calling with questions on one listing. You build one by discussing your needs and talking at length. They recognize those of you who call many brokers who have ads on YW. If you call on 20 boats then their odds even of making a sale to you becomes perhaps 2-3%. 2-3% of say $6k maximum is $120. Suddenly that's the likely potential value of your call. They treat it as such. They have limited time and are going to use it in the manner they figure will make them the most money. Give them requirements and then time to investigate a few. Point out those that have your initial interest but let them see what they can come up with.

By calling each one with a listing, you're treating them like salesmen, not brokers. i know the difference is subtle, but you're treating them more like the clerk in a store, just this store is online.

My father was a CPA. People called him all the time with questions. Strangers. His stock answer was, "I can't be sure without knowing more. If you'd like to come in and discuss it, I'll be glad to do so." If they said no, then fine. But, first, the likelihood of the answer to a question over the phone without all the facts, being accurate is very low. Second, he wasn't the newspaper tax advisor who answers a few questions in the paper.

I'm amazed sometimes at what I can get done, who I know to call or turn to in Fort Lauderdale having lived here only 4 years and traveled 2/3 of that time. However, it all started with one local relationship. We met her on our vacation flight to FLL, became friends, she became our realtor. When we decided to move here she was the only person in town we knew and we'd only known her one week. It becomes like the old Kevin Bacon six degrees of separation. Well, it all ties back to her.

A good broker knows everyone in the industry, knows how to get honest answers, knows a lot of history of boats and brokers, knows where to turn, knows shipyards and marinas. And knows how to find out what they don't know. You can either try to learn all they know, talk to all the people they would, or let them lead you to everything else.

Ask them up front how they'll help you. But they have a right to make sure you're going to buy through them and not go direct through another broker. The wise ones have contracts or agreements that they sign and they require you to sign.

I would expect the first call to include a lot of discussion of your needs, what you've seen and liked and disliked. Then a subsequent call should be about boats they've found and finding out how you feel about them.

There's a rule that is law in the securities industry, "Know your Customer". Well it's a great rule for anyone selling and especially for a boat broker. If they don't ask you any questions, then they probably are not the one and they probably don't consider you a real prospect.
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