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Thank you. I would try, but for a couple of months I only get blank page after login page, from two different computers and using different browsers!? That is why I tried here.

You have at least comforted me that it is not very probable to be blowby or crank bearings.

Ski, I will try that oily goo burning procedure, thank you. I really doubt that fuel filters are the culprit, since the tank is completely new so as the fuel lines, it was not only the engine rebuilt, it was the whole boat. Older type of Separ filter/separator is used, on first 50 hours, it had original filter element with 2 microns, but there is no 2 micron replacement today, only 10 microns element is stated as 1:1 replacement, so that is what I am using now. Although filter can probably last much longer than oil change interval, I always change them together (all filters).

I have forgotten to say that I have spotted one more problem during last 90 hours, but I am not sure if that can contribute to described smoke problem. I would say that I am mostly weekend boater, except on summer vacation when I do longer tours, but I always choose the weekend tours long enough so that engine can reach operating temperature for some time. Before every ride after engine has been shut down for a day or longer (not between rides in one day), I always inspect my engine room and fluids of interest. So I have spotted belt dust. It is from the belt driving alternator and freshwater pump from the crank. The belt is "scratching" somewhere, but I can't find where exactly, and when it is doing so it becomes loose, so I must make tension again. It did not happened for about first 40 hours maybe. I did that every day when I have seen it because I was on the trip. After that I am on third belt, trying to figure if I am using the right one. The first was new industrial cogged V-belt 1/2'', then I changed for the same when spotted dust and since it is dusting again, I am now trying not cogged classical V-belt 1/2'', but still having problem, and I will try one that is a bit narrower than 1/2'' (my country uses metric system, so I do not want to bother you with measures and units). Anyway, the alternator is high up on the engine and close to the air intakes. Could that contribute to the problem if dust is "swallowed" by engine? After tightening up the belt, dust shows up after about 8 hours, and then I tighten it again and clean up.

XSbank, I prefer testing it as Ski said, rather than going on rated power immediately. As recreational boat I would say that would be M5 rating, but for that old engine there were only three ratings - pleasure, light duty and continuous duty. Mine is set as light duty (for use in applications where the average load factor does not exceed the continuous rating and where full throttle does not exceed eight hours total in any 24-hour period). Although for this engine pleasure and light duty were almost the same (5SHP difference). Continuous duty was 158BHP/2500RPM. I did test the boat at 3000RPM only at the beginning to check that it is not overloaded, to check speed and that all is well. I have put all the stuff I usually carry on the boat before the test so I could have real data. Anyway, driving mostly 2 to 4 persons. On some occasions I had 8 persons and I had same displacement speeds at same RPMs. Very satisfying and interesting hull. It is 30 foot fiberglass boat with outdrive and single engine.
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