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We definitely agree with the need for good conservation fishing regs and also agree that the IHC rules regarding people that live on their boat is unworkable in it's present form. However, I must say, after years of fishing for halibut to put in the freezer and on the table, we've never been too concerned about being hauled up on halibut charges in SE Alaska. I have thought that a good rule would be to go ahead and package the filleted fish and label the package with some type of numbering system that would show a whole fish when assembled. This would work even better if the skin is left on.

As for the state of halibut in SE Alaska, we've never had a problem catching the daily limit (4 for myself and my spouse). It usually only takes us an hour or less on the right tide. We like 'buts in the 10-40lb range as they taste better and are not breeders and we let go anything larger. 6 fish in this range per year is more than enough for our larder and gifts to family and friends.

This past summer we caught more large halibut than we ever have! Two were in the 175-225# range, three in the 100-125# range and two over 80#. We fish shallow, 40-100ft, and we normally don't catch any over 40#! This was story was repeated by other boaters that we talked to this summer. A commercial fisherman caught a 490# outside of Petersburg. Next year we're going to use lighter line between the hook and spreader so we don't have to haul up all that weight to get most of our gear back.
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