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Originally Posted by psneeld View Post

And I too have always blinked at the " 30 years boating experience"...
Mid 2012, I had roughly 30 years of boating experience. However, I had 0 years of experience in terms of the boating I was about to start then and continue through today. I had well over 2000 days of "sea time", but none on the ocean. I was extremely knowledgeable of lake boating and zero knowledge of coastal boating. If you wanted an expert in pulling water skiers I was one. In the four years since then and over 60,000 nm of cruising, I've learned far more than in the previous 30 years. In fact, I learned more in the first six months by far than the previous 30 years.

So, basically I am the example of 30 years doing the same thing, very simple boating vs 4 years of intensive boating with expert training.

I also don't think we can learn all we need to on our own, mainly because the teacher in those circumstances knows no more than we do. I had to learn from those who had knowledge and experience. We knew a man a little over 6 months ago who had owned his 50' boat for four years and seemed lost. I suggested he get a teaching captain to take him out for a day. He said he'd learned more in that day than the previous 4 years. He's had a couple more days of the captain in the six months since then.

I learn something here regularly. Even have learned some about anchors here. You have to filter the information but still you learn.
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