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RE: Multiple DSC radio operation

I have two Standard Horizon VHF radios, both with DSC. These radios will alarm and switch to channel 16 when a DSC emergency call comes in. The alarms just about scare you out of the boat! I contacted SH and was told that the radios were designed that way, and could not be changed. I was told by the Icom rep at the boat show that their VHf's could be set to not change channel on a DSC alarm.

I don't plan on buying an Icom so I have an operating plan. I will shut down, (turn off) one of the radios, then deal with the DSC emergency on the other radio.

The USCG has recognized that this auto channel switch can create a hazard such as when a tug or ship is docking and needs continuous communications with the assist tugs. There have already been accidents caused by the auto channel switching.

Best advice is to contact customer tech support for your radio, and determine how or if you can disable the auto switch function. Other than that, plan on shutting down one of the radios to limit the confusion and panic.
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