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My alternative is to cut off the tail and keep it. There is a pretty strong correlation between the size of the tail and the amount of fish in the freezer and short of having a flash freezer on board, anything I catch today won't be frozen until after midnight including the tail. If they want to limit the total amount of fish on board including that which is frozen, then do it by weight per person for a recreational vessel. If the 200 lb halibut puts me over that limit then I will release it, which I am inclined to do anyway since it won't fit in the freezer. Only in the sport fishery are halibut limits based on the number of fish. In the commercial fishery and in by catch the measure is weight. The first halibut I caught this last summer was about 80 lbs. I didn't fish for halibut for another 3 weeks but I was guilty of mutilation since we had some for dinner that night.

I just want a rule that lets me eat halibut when its fresh and allows NOAA to focus on the commercial fishery since violations in the recreational sport fishery are unlikely and don't have the same impact.

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