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RE: Re-powering

Not rrecently as it was 11 years ago, but I did replace a Perkins T6.354 with a Cummins 6B series. The footprint of the Cummins is almost identical to the Perkins I can tell you that.

At the time MY rule of thumb was that if the rebuild approaches half the cost of new then go new. I was there with the Perkins so it was a no brainer for me. However figure some extra $$ for changes in raw water thru hull, exhaust, etc when you change engine brands and HP levels (if you go UP in power).

BTW I sold my old enigne for some really good dollars and also made lots on all the spares I had accumulated over the years which included a complete spare (good) enigne block. TAD (out of Va) buys good used blocks to do rebuilds if you don't find another buyer for your old iron.
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